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Most chronic diseases and much of the health burden in modern society are preventable by lifestyle choices (1). We build scalable digital solutions that help individuals, organisations, and other communities achieve long term health and productivity gains.

Wellbeing for the masses

Decade-long track-record

Our platform has been adopted by thousands of organisations in dozens of countries, ranging from small employers to multinational enterprises, from insurance providers to wellbeing coaches and occupational health providers, as well as public health organisations, even schools, and the military.

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Powered by peer support

HeiaHeia is a personal wellbeing tracker and a social motivator connecting like-minded friends and colleagues. Following and cheering for your friends makes wellbeing fun and social - peer support is scientifically proven to be among the most impactful wellbeing motivators (2).

HeiaHeia also empowers entire organisations with digital wellbeing programmes: common targets, peer support, communications, group coaching (optional), and informative content all wrapped in an easy and engaging package.

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  • "I use the mobile application every day and also follow updates from other users. Thanks to its social nature, the app creates community spirit across team boundaries and brings colleagues together. It's also really easy to use."

    Leena Nyström, HR Talent Partner at Deloitte

  • "We wanted to support our employees to feel better comprehensively. Being well or feeling healthy is not just about physical activity, but also about creating positive habits."

    Cecilia Drott, Project Manager at Lidl

  • "The service encourages healthy habits and social interaction among our employees. Due to its inclusive nature, everyone can join the service and find their own healthy habits."

    Kirsi Kekkonen, HR Specialist at CGI

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